About Us

Home Whisperers is fast becoming a major contender within the Welsh property market.
Its profile among investors as ‘the one to watch’ is built around the tenacity and foresight of its founding husband and wife team, Marta and Lloyd Smith. As full-time property developers operating across South Wales, Marta and Lloyd launched their business in 2013 buying, renovating and selling properties as well as building a large portfolio of high-yielding single professional lets.
Home Whisperers now has a proven track record in achieving record sale and rent prices and transforming tired, dated properties into modern family homes in just six to eight weeks.
Home Whisperers aim to keep every aspect of the property investment process in house: sourcing, renovation, staging, lettings and property management. Their direct to vendor company provides a consistent stream of high-quality, discounted property deals. The building team of carefully selected, trusted tradespeople ensures smooth, efficient and cost-effective renovations. Home Whisperers Facebook page with nearly 4000 local followers serves as a great platform for advertising rental properties. Their paperless office, efficient systems and maintenance team make property management possible from anywhere in the world.
“Our core belief as a business is that if it’s in house, then you control the process and can ensure delivery of results” – Lloyd Smith
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